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Where is God?...

In the aftermath of
one of the worst tragedies
in human history,
people ask:
"Where is God?"
They wonder how He could
have let such a
devastating event happen.

But man is responsible for what
happened--not God!
And God did not abandon
us on that dark day.

He brought calm to a city that
was in chaos.
People left the scene
almost rank-and-file
as if angels were guiding
their every step
and easing their anguish.

His love was in the heart of every
firefighter, policeman and
volunteer who aided the victims.

He was in the soul of every person
who waited for more than 6 hours
to give blood to the injured.

He gave strength to the passengers
of the ill-fated United Airlines flight 93
who decided to overcome the hijackers.
Their heroic actions are the likely reason
the jet, destined for Washington,
crashed in rural Pennsylvania instead,
saving an untold number of lives.

He was guiding people at the Pentagon,
steering them away from the
soon-to-be-destroyed southwest side.
As a result, there were fewer than
200 deaths in an area where
thousands worked.

And as the details of
this crisis unfolds,
more miracle stories,
both large and small,
will come to light.

We must not lose faith
in God or our country.

God will be there for us.
He will guide our leaders
and aid us through this struggle.

If you begin to wonder
where God is,
remember that he's
right here at home.
He will be with us always,
just as He promised.

"Where is God?" written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001

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