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Called Home...

We will never understand why
God calls our loved ones home
early and unexpectedly.
We just can't make sense of it,
no matter how hard we try.
But we must remember that everything
God does serves some purpose.
Perhaps some souls are so precious
that they're needed in heaven
to serve God or to comfort others;
for, surely, the young whom God
calls home are the
purest of all souls.

Have faith in God
during this time of grief.
Lay your sorrows
upon His strong shoulders.
And remember that your separation
is only temporary.
The time we spend on earth
is so short in comparison
to the time we'll spend in
the kingdom of heaven
with our loved ones.
Much joy awaits.

"Called Home," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001
Music: "Called Home," Original Composition by Bobette Bryan
Artwork: by Bobette Bryan.

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