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Where the Soul Dwells...

There's a common
place inside
people from
all countries,
all religions,
all colors,
all ideologies,
and philosophies,
that unites us.
It's a beautiful
and pure place
within where
the soul dwells,
and it speaks only love.
All of us who have
known the beauty of love,
have visited this place,
and have felt its power.
It makes angst and animosity
crumble into dust
and inspires hope
for the impossible.
Sometimes this unity
of the human soul
is lost to us
through words, opinions,
actions, and politics.
We get so stuck
on our differences,
that we forget we
all hailed from the
same home and are
eternally connected.
It's too bad that
the whole world
couldn't get together
in complete silence
and speak only
through the
beauty of the soul;
for surely then,
peace would prevail
on earth as in heaven.

"Where the Soul Dwells," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001

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