. . . . "A Reunion of Memories"
~ The Tottenville High School Band ~
1957 ~ 1963 (with flashbacks to 1940)

Ellen (Lutter) Petersen THS '60:
. . . "There are so many memories
associated with the hallowed halls of
Tottenville High School!"
. . . "Do you believe in 'the magic'
of those memories?"

Ernest Friese '60:
. . . "I certainly do Ellen, and I think
that is why you have summoned us here

Walter Kristiansen '59:
. . . "Let 'The Trumpets' sound, and let
'The Color Guard' bring forth 'The
Flags' to the front of the auditorium . .
Then 'The National Anthem,'. . .
'The Pledge of Allegiance' and . . ."

Louise (Leffert) Bristow '60:
. . . The reading of The 23rd Psalm,
"The Lord is My Shepherd, I shall not
want. . ."

Carol (Cooke) Schwamberger '58:
. . . "That's 'The Colonel Bogie March'
by John Philip Sousa. Kathy Holden and
myself on flute, Joyce Huber and Beth
Kirkwood on piccolo."

Harry Daniels '59:
. . . "That's Rich Trasborg, Ernie
Friese, Jack Vokral, John Baur and
myself on clarinet. And let's not forget
Arlene Rahtes and Alex DeFazio."

Jack Bothwell '60:
. . . "Bill Doty, George Ward, Carol
Houseman and myself are on saxaphone.
Sometimes Carol also played piano for
the Concerts. ~ And where would we be
without those glorious trumpets,
trombones, and french horns?"

Rich Thompson '61
. . . "That's Herb Bradley, Walter
Kristiansen, and Vince Montanti on first
trumpet; Bob Rostetter, Dick Miller, and
Don Ernest are on trombone. Joyce
Moccia and myself are on french horn."

Dan Hickey '62
. . . "Dan Kish, Walter Reed, and myself
are on drums; Flora Doty, Gladys
Graham, and Robert Zappalorti are on
cello and base fiddle."

Ellen '60:
. . . "The Color Guard and Twirlers are
led by Audrey Mazurek, Joyce Appelt
and Jane Mc Grath."

Mrs. Vogt:
. . . "Tomorrow morning we will practice
marching. We will assemble right outside
the school on Yetman Avenue."

Ernie '60
. . . "Yes, I have memories of marching
the streets surrounding Tottenville High
School. Yetman Avenue, Pittsville
Avenue, Brighton Street, Academy Place
and back to Yetman again."

Jack Vokral '60:
. . . "The uniforms reflected the school
colors; white trousers with purple stripe,
white shirt with a western inspired
string tie, and a purple overseas cap
with white tassel."

Ernie: "I don't think anyone ever had a
pair of trousers that fit or could even
be made to fit. Many of us wore pants
that more closely resembled 'clam-
diggers,' and hopefully, our socks rose
high enogh to meet the pants :-))
Nevertheless, we wore our uniforms
with pride !!!"

Ellen: "You guys looked so handsome in
those uniforms."

Walter: "And the gals looked pretty
cute also. I remember we had 'The
Twirlers' marching with us, and looking
over my music to watch them marching
(hopping) in those short skirts (short
for the time) and boots, it was a nice

Ernie: "I remember the Columbus Day
Parades in Manhattan. There was so
much confusion. We ended up last unit in
the parade and almost didn't get to
march at all."

"I remember all of the Memorial Day
Parades, when we would first march in
Great Kills, get on the bus to Pleasant
Plains, and after marching there, get
back on the bus for Tottenville."

"I remember graduation. The Class of
1960 made up a large part of the band
and if all of us sat with our class in the
audience, there wouldn't be enough band
members. We played for our own

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

END OF PART 1. Publication Date: Early
October, 2003.

NEXT PART 2. Featuring "The 59ers" ~
Herb Bradley, Walter Kristiansen, and
Harry Daniels. Expected publication ~
Early November, 2003.

PART 3. (Publication, December, 2003)
Finally, Mr. Beflat himself (Nick Filimon)
THS 1944. A former member of the
Tottenville High School Band, Mr. Nick
Filimon is also the "Most Senior Active
Member" of the "South Shore Band" on
Staten Island. He will be interviewed by
Doris (Dee) Whitman '56.

Over the years, some 200 Tottenville
High School Band members have gone on
to become South Shore Band members
as well. ~ Ten of these are still active
and will receive special mention. Our own
Herb Bradley THS '59, is one of them.

Finally, Tom Doty THS '69 (current
President of The South Shore Band)
along with Nick Filimon (Mr. Beflat) and
Herb Bradley, will, with the help of
myself and Louise (Leffert) Bristow '60,
introduce us to "The Grand Marshall
Himself," ~ John Philip Sousa.

"A Reunion of Memories" is made
possible by the organizational and
motivational efforts of Ellen (Lutter)
Petersen. Once again, she has "lit the
way and shown us the path."

Thank you Ellen.

John Baur '60

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