"Memories of You"

A walk in the garden ~ and there it is
Your favorite flower ~ and memories of you

Gone so long, but not forgotten
Still you bring me joy

Still I hear our favorite song, I see your
Smiling face ~ your beauty ~ your grace

The touch of your hair, its fragrance
So fair ~ your love and your care

I look in your eyes, so bright and so clear
The sound of your voice ~ tender and dear
And the beat of your heart ~ ever so near

Gently I whisper ~ into your ear:
. . ."Our love is forever
. . . We shall never part"
You laugh ~ then you cry ~ a joyful tear

You offer your neck ~ and gently we kiss
Our lips meet ~ so tender and sweet

Your soft snuggled body ~ next to mine
Such heavenly bliss ~ til the end of time
I will be yours ~ and you will be mine

Text Copyright 2003, John B Baur,Author
All rights reserved. Part of The Vignette
series. ~ ~ ~ ~ JBBaur@aol.com
Dedicated to Uncle Bill and Aunt Elsie
Music accompaniment: "The Power of Love"
Also known as: "Whispers In The Morning"

Aunt Elsie, my mothers's younger sister,
died only two weeks after giving birth to
her second child Elaine. Rebecca, her first
daughter, was only six years old.

I still remember my Uncle Bill saying that
Elsie would always be with him, always in
his heart.

This was a big concept for an eight year
old, but something made me go up to uncle
Bill and put my arms around him and say
"I'm glad Aunt Elsie is still in your heart
Uncle Bill, I'm glad you remember her so

Some years later, my parents commented
that they were surprised he had never
remarried. He was a handsome man, and
as a heavy equipment operator (giant
crane) quite well off financially. Whenever
asked, he simply replied "She is still with
me, still right here" (He would touch his
heart) "And she always will be."

Uncle Bill was dedicated to the welfare of
his two daughters. Being from a large
family of five brothers and seven sisters,
they had a lot of support.

Always during the holidays, he would stop
by our house "for dessert." It must have
been their fourth or fifth dessert, as they
had a lot of rounds to make.

He always had stories about his brother
"Father Jim" who was a Catholic Priest
and Missionary in Mexico. The Mexicans
were extremely poor, and needed all of
the help they could get. His stories were
spellbinding, and full of both hardship
and adventure.

Some fourty years later, Uncle Bill was
laid to rest, beside his wife, in Ocean
View Cemetery. He had never remarried.

I certainly do not reccomend such ardent
fidelity to ones memories, but right up
until the last, he insisted that death had
not parted them.

He never relented in his love for her. His
brother "Father Jim" presided over the
funeral at Saint Clares Church on Nelson
Avenue, Great Kills, Staten Island.

So what do you think? Was she still
there? Still in is heart, or mind?
I would have to say, after witnessing
my Uncle Bill, that such a thing is

I know my Aunt Elsie would have wanted
him to remarry. Other family members
also did. But not Father Jim. "Let The
Lord lead him," he would admonish.

In the end, we all make our own personal
choices. Uncle Bill made his. Who are we
to say he was wrong?

A Final Note:

A very dear and special friend of mine
recently pointed out that "religion is a
very personal thing." Attendance to our
memories is also.

We often find ourselves betwixt and
between different social philosophies
and different religious and moral points
of view.

I recall a statement from "Harbor Lights"
recently submitted by Ernst Sehlmeyer,
ths'37. "Make a retreat - you can learn
from Monks without becoming one."

So too, perhaps we can learn from my
Uncle Bill, and still follow our own
individual pathways. I hope you will
share this beautiful vignette with your
children and grandchildren.


Ps. Those of you who previewed this
vignette the first time, know that this
is "a second writing." The story has been

One of you wanted to know "what did he
whisper into her ear?" I then also included
"her eyes" "the sound of her voice" and
the "beat of her heart." - Good people,
is there anything else? :-)) Your
suggestions are always welcome.

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