. . Hope and Thanksgiving

Smell the turkey roasting!
'Tis the season ~ for special thanks
And special toasting

Family, friends and pumpkin pie?
The blessings of good health?
Yes, to be sure!
But something more ~

Bless our Peacemakers, home and abroad,
And let them know you care!

"Let Freedom Ring" While chorus sings
"We Shall Overcome!"

Peace with Honor, Mercy too!
It is a work that Must be done ~

And by God's Grace
It is a prize that can be won!

But who can win this precious prize?

Friends can help, Oh Yes they can,
But in the end, each Nation ~
Must declare its own salvation!

Pray not for might alone, but clarity
Of mind and purity of heart, repentance,
Good will, forgivness and resolve.








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Music: "Give Thanks