Heartbeat of The Heavens, Dedicated to ELLEN'60

Do you ever listen
To the "Heartbeat of The Heavens"
And see "The Souls" take flight?
As birds reaching for the sky
Mid clouds of silvery light.

We pray for your Immortal Soul
And bless your every wish
For pure and holy delight.

You are a kind and giving person
A beacon in the night
You Lit the way
And made "The Trumpet" sound.

And so for you and Richard, success
We pray, good health, good cheer!
For in our hearts, and in our minds
We hold you very dear.


With Love and Affection:
From the entire Trumpert Staff,
and our many readers.


P.S. Ellen, please stay in touch,
we all love you so very much!


Text Copyright 2003, John B Baur, Author.
Tottenville High School Alumni Trumpet Staff
may freely reproduce for personal use. All
other rights reserved.

The "Spirit of Romanticism" is targeted for
June, 2003 Trumpet publication. It will feature
"Heartbeat of The Heavens" and a number of other animated vignettes.

April 11, 2003






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