"Let Us Give Praise" Memorial

"No oh No! Columbia!
The Challenger To Join!!!"

For now they know "The Great I AM"

.....and we salute
"The Brave, The Dead, The True"
Of "Nine Eleven" Too

Let us give praise and humble thanks
For heroes that survive
And live to lead again!

We beseech for wisdom wise
To guard our land, and
Peace with justice, mercy too!
For all Mankind.

Text Copyright 2003, JBBaur@aol.com


This upcoming Memorial Weekend
let us "take time out" from our
busy hectic schedules to remember
our departed loved ones.

A spouse, or other family members,
a friend or neighbor. Those who
gave of their lives in service to
community and nation. Pray especially
for the families they left behind.

Pray for the Middle East, that peace
and democracy will thrive, and become
an example to the rest of the world.

"Take time out" to be thankful and
grateful for the abundant richness
of our great land, and for the
freedoms and blessings we enjoy!

Happy barbequing, or other outings!!!

Love ya all, Werner/jbb






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