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My Husband

I'm always amazed that he loves me now
even more than he did when I was
a size six.

Even when my hair is a mess and
I don't have a bit of makeup on,
he desires me no less than he did
the first year of our marriage.

He still thinks I'm beautiful
like he did way back then.

Time has changed me,
but not his heart.

He still looks at me with
those youthful eyes of love.

And though many years have passed,
he has never tired of my company.
I know that he'd rather be with me
than do anything else.

We've shared so much,
and we have so much to
look forward to together.

Though there may indeed be
plenty of fish in the sea,
I'm well aware of how lucky
I am to have snagged a fish like that.

And I hope my husband knows
how grateful I am for his love
and devotion.

"My Husband," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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