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Every Detail...

Since I met you,
I've floated on invisible clouds,
and I'm taking in more details.
I've started noticing
the little things I missed before,
like the way the air smells
after the rain
and how a sky full of stars
can refuel lost dreams.
I've started thinking about
my hairstyle, and I find myself
staring at the mirror
and taking in my measure.
I'm wondering what it sounds like
when I laugh,
and whether I call your name
in my sleep.
I'm more critical of myself
and the way I live my life.
Suddenly, I have a
desire to kick off all
of my bad habits,
and don a new me.
I'm thinking about
life on a deeper level,
rethinking my values
and priorities.
And I'm wondering if my heart
is as warm as the clerk's
at the Dollar Store
who calls everyone, "honey,"
and if I could ever be
as unselfish and giving as you are.
I want to become a better person
in every way imaginable,
because you deserve the best.
And I want to fill up
every hole life has ever
put in your heart,
and give you something
to look forward to
during the winter
of our lives.

"Every Detail," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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