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My Grandfather...

My grandfather
walked me several miles
to school
and back every day,
always gave me a quarter
for a "sody,"
told me stories
of his childhood
and of a perilous journey
across the Atlantic,
taught me to love nature
and everything in it,
cared for the baby
robin I found,
took me along
to pick bright red apples,
told me not to eat
the green ones,
or else I'd get a "belly ache"
(of course I did anyway)
always called me "sweetie,"
spoke with tears in his eyes
about the injustice
he'd seen in his life,
took me to the field
where we'd plant
carrots and potatoes,
helped me pick lettuce
from the garden for dinner,
made the best barbecued chicken,
let me sit beside him
in his canoe,
instilled a love in
me for reading,
never made me feel
less capable for
being a girl.
My grandfather gave me
the gentle side of
my nature,
and taught me
the true meaning of love.

"My Grandfather," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2003

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