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I Can Count On You...

I know you'll be there
through my adversity
as well as my prosperity.

I can count on you
to cheer me
when I'm down
and to encourage me
when my hope has
lost its wings and my
dreams refuse to
take flight.

When the wind is fierce
and the sky is dark,
you're my shelter
until the storm passes.

When the way is unclear,
I know you'll provide
some guiding rays.

And it's such a good feeling
to know that you accept me
for who I am,
always listening,
striving to understand
where I'm coming from,
and where I'm wanting to go.

You make life bearable
when everything is unbearable.

You lift the weight
right off my shoulders
and carry me home.

Is it any wonder
why I wish I had
more friends like you?

I can do without many
people in my life,
but never a friend like you.

"I Can Count On You," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2003

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