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For All Time...

People come into our lives
with feet ever fleeting:
some walk with us
a mile or two
and leave us
with something warm;
other's leave us
with tears,
and we feel empty
when they're gone;
and others leave us nothing
for their destiny
lies somewhere else.
But the rarest people of all
are those who come
into our lives with a heart
that's giving and full of love.
They take away the emptiness
left by others;
they touch the soul
and bring joy
all through the years;
and they continue
to walk with us
along life's journey.
You are such a rare
and wonderful person,
a true friend
for all time,
and I'm so thankful
for you!

"For All Time," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2004

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Music: "December Memories, Original Composition, (c) 2003 by Bruce De boer.
Used with permission."