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I Hope You Know...

I'm sorry for all of the pain
that I've caused you.
I know that I'm not the easiest
person to live with.
I'm so strong and independent,
and I have to do things
my own way.
But I'm sure that
you wouldn't want or expect
anything less of me,
because you taught me
to be sure of myself,
to be my own person,
to follow my dreams,
and to strive to
become the best person
that I can be.
And though it may not
seem like it at times,
I assure you that
your values and ideals
are a part of me,
a gauge by which
I set my high standards,
and I always try
to make you proud
in all that I do.
And despite our differences,
I always think of you
as my guiding light,
the one I look up,
who's wise, giving,
warm, and strong.
I hope you know
how much I love you.

"I Hope You Know," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2004

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