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The Brightest Star...

We've survived
a difficult year,
one we'll never forget,
a year fraught with
economic recession,
tragedy, and war.

But year was also a year
of change,
of patriotic rebirth,
a year of lessons learned,
a year that made us think
about what's truly important.

We were reminded about how dear
our family and friends are
and how meaningful they make our lives.
We learned that we should
be thankful for the time
we have together,
and for our many blessings.

And we learned that,
united, we're strong!

So as we take the lessons
of past into the new year,
let's deign to make it
the best year ever!

Let's make the New Year,
a year of peace and goodwill,
of prosperity and growth,
of healing and hope,
a year that shines as bright
as the brightest star.

Happy New Year!

"The Brightest Star," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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