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American Spirit Reborn...

You shed a tear, dear lady,
on that terrible September day.
I saw you weep into the bay
when the smoke drifted away.

And then you stood there oh so proud
with the torch you've held so long,
and something in your defiant stance
made a wounded nation strong.

You assured us that all will be right,
that from these wounds, we'll heal;
you shined the light of liberty
far above the flames of hell.

Though the sky bled with sorrow
on the smoky wings of night,
a feather drifted from your clutch
as an eaglet prepared for flight.

On graceful wings it soared,
high above the dust and mist,
and in its beak it held a rose
that your dear lips had kissed.

The eagle dropped it from on high
where metal and stone were shorn
and as the rose flitted to the ground,
a nation's spirit was reborn.

"American Spirit Reborn," Written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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