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Never Forget...

Some Americans want to
forget September 11;
they claim they have
911 battle fatigue.
They close their eyes
and pretend that all
is fine and right
in their pristine world again.
Some Americans say that
the victims should
move on and get over it--
look to the future
and forget that day.
But they can never
get over a day like that
unless they lose the
very heart of their humanity.
Some Americans say they're
tired of whining widows
and the stories of tragedy.
Excuse me?
Please tell me my ears
deceive me.
American's can't be
so cold to
another's suffering.
Some Americans want to
relax and slip back
into the blind comfort
of complacency.
But the world has
changed forever,
and it's up to us
to chart this nation's destiny.
Some Americans have
taken down the flags
that used to fly proudly
along every street.
I guess Lady Liberty
will shed yet another tear
at this transient show
of national unity.
Some Americans have
already forgotten
the lessons of 9-11.
They shoved the day
in a safe and locked
it up tight.
I guess they just
don't know what they've got.
They're patriots only
when the tension is rife.

Please Remember
September 11.
Never forget
those who died,
those who suffered,
those who sacrificed,
those who grieve
and those who are
still struggling
to find their way
out of the darkness.

"Never Forget," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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