Surrounded by Angels...

You're surrounded by angels.

They visit you every day.

Their love is reflected in every smile,

in every warm hug,

in every blossom,

in every gentle breeze,

and in every act of kindness given to you

no matter how big or small.

Their dedication shines through

in your family and friends,

bringing you the medicine

of happiness to mend your soul

when you're feeling weary.

You can hear their voices in

the laughter of children.

You can hear their music

in your favorite song.

You can see their beauty during

the day as you stare at the

crystal blue horizon.

And you can see their brilliance at night when

you dream upon a zillion sparkling stars.

They bear an important message;

they're trying to tell you

that God's love shines upon you always,

and that he's never far away.

"Surrounded by Angels" written and designed by Bobette Bryan
©; All rights reserved