Thanksgiving Smiles...

I'm reaching out

across the miles

to remind you that you have

every reason to smile.

There's not a single reason

for you to be sad,

because you're going to have

the best Thanksgiving

you ever had.

All you have to do is smile

and remember your many blessings

this holiday,

and all traces of sadness

will fade away.

So smile, and the spirit of

the season will thrive.

Just focus on your many gifts

and keep your dreams alive.

Smile, it's not so hard to do,

because your future is bright,

and you have so much

going for you.

Smile on Thanksgiving

and smile every day too.

Let the hope you have within

shine through!

I hope you're smiling now!

Happy Thanksgiving!

"Thanksgiving Smiles" written and designed by Bobette Bryan
©; All rights reserved