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Letter #1
Name: Cherie
Subject: True Love
My name is Cherie. I am fifty-nine, and my husband is sixty-seven. When reading your inspirationally poetry, it is like God has given his hand to someone to write, and through his hands, you sent it to me. It has made me realize that life is just a journey, and we are only here for a short time. It has made me realize that even the small things, such as a smile is important. I realize more that I should never take my husband, children or other family members for granted. I enjoy your website, and it makes me smile every day. It makes me happy!

Letter #2
Name: Anita
Subject: Captured My Heart
I clicked to open every card of yours. Thank you so much. I really love your words and the cards. I always sent your cards to my loved ones. Many times, I read and reread your words that captured my heart. I cried like a little girl. Everyone receiving your cards from me, loved them much.

Letter #3
Name: Ian
Subject: Extremely Miraculous
You are truly a genius in designing all cards. I love the cards you've created so much. Once more, I send you my admiration for your talent and kindness.

Letter #4
Name: S.
Subject: Inspired
You inspired me to start writing again. I have several poems on several websites, three that are being published in books and two that are being made into songs that will soon be recorded onto albums.

You awoke a fire inside me that has been smoldering for 20 years and gave me the courage to write again without fear of other's opinions.

My love, friends and family enjoy receiving your pages, but without your pages, my love and I might not have come as far as we have. We would probably still be floundering in the world of non-expression. PassionUp is truely an amazing site, and you have something for every occasion. We love it, and, would truly have been lost souls without you.

Letter #5
Name: J. M.
Subject: Thank You for your words.
I guess this is one of the few times that a person using your cards can actually say "Thank You."

I have been sending your cards to a handful of special young ladies that I've been chatting on-line with for several months. You seem to have the knack of saying in so many words what I feel, but, don't know how to say it.

There are times a lump will pop up in my throat when I am happy or sad, you seem to have the words to convey my feelings and make known my thoughts to the women in my life.

I usually don't like cards or letters. They are someone else's thoughts, not mine. However, somehow, I don't feel that way with your cards. It's like "THATS WHAT I'M FEELING or THINKING". I have to express THAT to the special women in my life.

I have three special ladies I chat with, from different walks of life, and, you seem to have THE perfect words to suit my thoughts.

So, anyway, I wanted to say "Thank You," and, don't lose your touch.

Letter #6
Name: M.
Subject: Purest of Pain
How do I begin? We met across the miles through the net, a song brought us together then passionup was our link to a beautiful relationship. Never a moment passed without PassionUp. PassionUp is where we expressed our joy, our sorrow, our pain and our togetherness.

Those days are nothing but a fantasy that will never be a reality. Anyway, it was never meant to be, but I still appreciate of what we had.

To this day, I still hold on to PassionUp. All of those beautiful poems express my sorrowful feelings which I can tell no one about. Each time I see a beautiful PassionUp card, tears fill my eyes.

Thank you passionup, because without you, I'm lost.

Letter #7
Name: Joseph
Subject: You
You're an angel from God to pass on his blessings. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Letter #8
Name: S.
Subject: Golden Hands
When something is missing, words choked, or feelings needed to be brought into a bright light...PassionUp is there to extend its "golden hands" of help. I would like to convey my thanks and best wishes.

Letter #9
Name: Corinne
Subject: Hello
Hi, Bobette. I just wanted to tell you how incredible your poems are! I just love sending that special someone poems, they're just so sweet and they make me happy from just reading them! keep up the great work! And thank you!

Letter #10
Name: A.
Subject: Thank you very much
I would like to than you for all of the effot and pain you have put into your work whch has not only brought joy and happiness, but has allowed people to express their love for each other. Millions of people like me have adored the cards and greetings which you've created.

Thank you once again, and I just want you to know that I'm a big fan of yours.

Letter #11
Name: Teresa
Subject: Always Thankful
I thank the day I found your page. I have sent 67 cards to my darling Kihia. We are so far apart and will be for yet some time. We met on the net and have fallen in love and are going to get married. We come from opposite sides of the world and have only met on the net. He has seen me, but I have only heard his voice; nevertheless, we're truly in love and if it wasn't for you, we could not communicate our feelings of love and affection.

I check your page daily and send the wonderful cards the words are from my heart. You must truly be an angel for so many of your cards read my mind, heart, and soul. You keep us both so very close together even though we are so far apart. I hope others will find you too so they can share in the joy and love you have given to me and my future husband. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Bobette, may you always be as happy as I am now. I shall keep sending your wonderful cards to my Kihia!

Letter #12
Name: J.
Subject: The Best
Thanks for the wonderful cards you design, and the great poems you compose.

Fifty years ago, I dated a young lady, but we went our separate ways. In recent months, at the age of 75, we've re-established contact. We write to each other almost daily, by sending notes and cards back and forth by e-mail. Of all the cards, we like the PassionUp cards the best of all, because they say just the right thing for us. Thanks for sharing your creative talent with us.

Letter #13
Name: S.
Subject: Lost Husband
I just want to tell you that you have been an inspiration to me since I started receiving your pages in my e mail. So very many of your poems say the things that I'm thinking. It is sometimes almost (eerie) to have a feeling and then read your poems, only to find out that there is a page saying what I'm feeling.

My husband recently passed away, and I find some solitude in your pages. My husband is gone now, but as foolish as this might sound, I still send him on occasion, a beautiful page from you.

I know he can't read it--but I believe that he can feel it, and it makes me feel a little bit better in between tears.

Thank you for keeping my sanity and keep up the beautiful work you do.

Letter #14
Name: K. and T.
Subject: I Love PassionUp
I met a wonderful man online about a year ago. We started talking and quickly became friends. As we got to know each other, something more grew between us. We fell in love. I love him with all my heart and soul. However, we live far apart. We've met only once so far and are planning another visit very soon.

I'm not sure which one of us found PassionUp first, actually I think my honey did. We often send the same page to each other. Your pages are so meaningful. They say the same things we say to each other and more. Living so far apart, we like to send lots of email. Both of us have said that your pages are the best. Thank you for all your wonderful words, pictures, and music you put to each and every page. We look forward to every newsletter. We're fans always.

Letter #15
Name: J. W.
Subject: Appreciation
I have never been quite comfortable expressing my emotions. I come from an era, and a family, where it was not considered proper to openly display love. Thanks to you, I have been able to tell my wife, my brother, my friends, and, yes, even a girl that I knew fifty years ago what they mean to me. Thank you.

Letter #16
Name: Theresa
Subject: Your Poetry
Hi Bobette, Thank you for using your talent so well and for sharing it here on the internet. I have used so many of your writings because they express what is in my heart to my family, friends and special people in my life. Your words reach into the hearts of more people than you can imagine. I can always find something beautiful to send to someone on any given day from your collection. You help me to say what is on my heart in a very lovely way. Thank you.

Letter #17
Name: Michelle
Subject: What I Think About PassionUp Personally
Hello. I have been reading the PassionUp Fun newsletters for about almost a year now. I love to pass these to all of my family and friends, and they do too.

Each one makes us laugh, cry, smile, etc. whether our day if good or bad. Thank you for sharing these with us.

I love writing poems also. I wish I could somehow be like you and be able to share my talent with others as you do. Take care and god bless.

Letter #18
Name: S. S.
Subject: Thank You
Hi Bobette. I am so thankful to you that I really don't have words to put together for all your help. This help of yours was an indirect help to me.

I have been using your PassionUp verses to convey my feelings to my Girlfriend for a long time. Everytime I need to convey something to her, I used your Poetry. Your words, moods and feelings are very poetic and touching to the heart.

With your indirect help, I'm at the stage of proposing to her and will be marrying this year. Thank you again, for giving me and people like me access to this site.

If you can please write a special poem for me and my Fiancee, Cherry; I would never forget all my life all your help. And I would be delighted to have you as my guest on my wedding day.
Letter #19
Name: R.
Subject: Your Cards
I've been using PassionUp for almost a year, and they really move me. The words touch your heart and the feeling is great. I never knew anyone could bring life to words and make people live with poetry.

I found love in your cards.

I appreciate your work. You must be loving somebody and these poems and cards are dedicated to him, I feel.

Anyway thanks for bringing PassionUp into our lives.

Letter #20
Name: D. R.
Subject: Dear bobette
Your writing and designs have really brought me back to life. After a bad marriage and the death of my children, I was just a person living but without any feelings. Your cards and the internet brought love back into my life again. Keep up the good work. You are helping human beings get a grip on themselves and infuse in them the feeling of being needed in this cold world. I just love your cards and use them daily. Loads of love to you.

Letter #21
Name: S. S.
Subject: Reaching out with Love
Hi, dear friend! I'm glad I have this opportunity to thank you for being there.

I have a friend who lives in El Paso, Texas who was going through a rough patch in life and suddenly I find a Passionup greeting in my mailbox. She sent me "Lessons of Life," and that poem made my day.

Later, I learned that she needed more comfort and cheering than I did. You see , she had lost her baby. I thought her to be so brave, because she wanted to share some courage and strength with me across all those miles.

Since then Passion Up has become an integral part of my life. I send the cards to so many of my friends. They loved it.

I never particularly cared for E-cards, but I find yours the best site for cards. They're human, caring and some are naughty too. There's one for every occasion- It's amazing!

I must confess I thought you were a man -I was only thinking of Bryan. Then I happened to read about you. That's when it struck me that it had to be a woman who could write like this. I love your site and all that you write. And sending cards is so easy and simple.

Letter #22
Name: Sheila
Subject: Amazing
Bobette, I would love to know more about you. I wonder if you have the time to write. A little about me. I am a freelance writer and have worked on features. I thought it was time to spread my wings a bit and do more. But freelancing on the Net seems like forever before you hear from people. I can only hope for the best. Oh, I live in Hyderabad, India and right now I have moved to Chennai to find better work opportunities. Hope it all works out!

Thank you for PassionUp. What's more, I finally found someone who I could send your romantic cards to and MEAN it.I have never been able to do that earlier. It feels GOOD. Bye for now and keep up that great gift of God. It's got to be that when it's touching so many hearts all over the world.

Letter #23
Name: Jo
Subject: Your Pages
Bobette, I don't know how you do it, but please keep on doing it. You have blessed my life and the lives of the people I have sent your pages to. May God Bless You Always.

Letter #24
Name: Michelle
Subject: Your Special Greetings
My husband and I love your greetings. We have sent them back and forth to each other for different holidays, and most recently our 8th wedding anniversary. We also share them with our friends and relatives when one of them needs encouragement or just to send a laugh to let them know we are thinking of them at that particular moment.

Thank you so much for sharing your God given talents with us. You are very much appreciated more than you will know.

Letter #25
Name: Maureen
Subject: Loss of a "Special Child"
One year ago in April we lost our "Special Child", a child of God. We have found a renewed sense of faith and happiness in your inspiritional poems. When the dark clouds of despair and hurt overwhelm me, I can read a poem that seems to speak to me of my son, Patrick. Patrick was 34 years, 3 months, and 10 days old when he died. My baby was profoundly retarded, blind, epileptic, had brittle bones, was force fed, had curvature of the spine, and could not talk. My Patrick was, and is, my life. Thank you for the words that comfort a broken heart and spirit.

Letter #26
Name: Joyce
Subject: Fly to the world of your dreams
I look forward to your site and the wonderful E-mail cards and inspirational words you so beautifully express.

The other day my brother-in-law failed his first attempt at getting his pilot's license. I looked high and low for a way to rebuild his confidence and lift his spirits. He was very dissappointed at his failure on the first attempt. To my delight, this morning I opened my e mail and there it was: " Learn how to fly to the world of your dreams" said everything I wanted to say but couldn't find my own words for.

Your words should give him hope for his dreams of becoming a pilot and faith that he is not alone up there, that God will be his co-pilot and help him pass his exam.

Your music is also very beautiful and I enjoy the passion site very much. Thank you for being there.

Name: Tracy-Lee
Subject: Fly to the world of your dreams
Letter: I'm a disabled woman of 36 and would sincerely like to say that the PassionUp cards that I send and receive have moved me in ways that touch my very soul. It's people like you that give meaning to the word "passion." You must know that there aren't any other sites on the internet that say the things that people really need to hear.

In times of need, or times of joy, and the true life that exists, you have managed to touch many a heart. For this, Bobette, I thank you, as I'm sure that many others do and should. Keep up the wonderful and inspirational work!

Name: Donna
Subject: Cool Stuff
Letter: I always enjoy your poetry, and it seems that it covers every area of life whether it be for encouragement, friendship, passionate love, endearing love, faith, etc.. Nothing seems to be left out and they're always composed in such a way that whatever topic it is, the poetry and sentiments transcend the message that is needed.
I'm amazed at the variety and the passion you put into those pages and all in such an original format. The colors with the poetry, etc. and pictures also compliment it all the more and are vibrant and pleasing to the eye.

I congratulate you, Bobette, on the talent that you have and how you are using this wonderful uplifting talent to make others feel good, especially for those of us who KNOW what we want to say BUT do not know HOW to put it into words as you do.

May your soul keep putting out the heartfelt messages as you have been. Like my teen says: Cool Stuff.

Name: M.
Subject: Thanks!
Letter: my husband is in Kosovo, and has been since April and will not return until sometime in December. I don't know if you're familiar with the military or even just being away from your beloved, but during this period of time, their are so many concerns, problems, worries and feelings that need to be expressed. PassionUp has given us MUCH joy! It seems as if no matter WHAT has occurred in our lives that day, my email with your greetings has hit the nail on the head. Thank you so much!

I read and look forward to visiting PassionUp every day. You have been a counselor, a messenger, a therapist, and an eye-opener for me, my husband, my son, and our family and friends. You have helped us tremendously!
Name: Richard
Subject: Feelings about PassionUp
Letter: When I first saw PassionUp, something like a little bell went off inside of me, and I signed up on your mailing list.

The joy and warmth in the PassionUp pages is beyond description. It's a feeling, and they are always hard for "common folk" to describe.

I have shared your writing and feelings with others, and yes, even cried over some with friends. The music and art work are also wonderful.

Please do not stop us "common folk" need you.

Name: A. G.
Subject: No words to express...
Letter: I've used your beautiful cards to express myself to friends, daughters and family. I'm sure that these cards have touched lives, because I have received e-mails from my dear ones telling me that I made them laugh, or touched their hearts in an special way. They say they needed to hear such words, that the greetings refresh their heart, and makes their day better. PassionUp, has become a part, of the way I comunicate with other people.

Name: T.
Subject: Loving Site
Letter: My sweetheart sent me PassionUp cards and love notes all the time. See we are both in our 50s and met online two years ago, and our friendship has grown into this marvelous relationship. Now we're soulmates forever. We live three hours apart, but he drives two hours every week to see me.

I tell all my friends online to have faith. I was by myself for 15 years until I met the most caring, passionate, and loving man in the world. It's as if God sent him to me, knowing I needed someone.Thank you four having such a loving site.

Name: D. W.
Subject: Your writings
Letter: Bobette, I would like to thank you for all the beautiful cards that I've seen and have been able to send to the love of my life, my wife Doris. I have often wanted to be able to write and tell you what a wonderful talent you have for the verses and work on the cards, they are extraordinary in composition and the graphics are absolutely great. Thank you so much for your effort to touch people's lives. There have always been so many things that I wanted to say but could not adequately express myself, and you do it so well. It is through the beauty of your cards that my wife of 24 years and I have rekindled the fires that we once shared. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you again.

Name: Diane
Subject: Protect My Daughter
Letter: I just wanted to say thank-you for the beautiful poem, "Protect My Daughter."

Unfortunate circumstances, have found one of my daughters in an unsafe, unbearable, and unhappy time in her life. This little prayer, that you so kindly shared with all us readers, is an answer to my prayers.

She is in jail, virtually because of association with the wrong sort of people. I have been looking for exactly the right words to tell her how much I love her and am praying for her, but the words just would not come past my tears. I'm unable to e-mail this to her, so I wrote it down, adding your credit to the poem. I'm sending it, by mail, to her today. I know, however; these words of yours, will not only help bring her comfort, but will also remind her that her angel is always watching over her.

Thanks for such inspirational thoughts. May GOD bless you and always keep you safe. Thank-you, again, I can't tell you how much I enjoy reading what you write! No matter the circumstance, you seem to have the appropriate words every time. Your Devoted Reader, Diane.

Name: Dr. Skumar Mahajan
Subject: Superb
Letter: Your poetry is superb and very touching. Keep it up.

Name: D.
Subject: To Bobette
Letter: I'm glad to be a PassionUp member, and I want to thank you for your inspiring messages. Personally, I've liked the religious words. Messages about Love, Gentleness, Heavenly angels and all that. I have also sent these messages to my friends, and they've been blessed abundantly. These sweet words penetrate into my heart and inspire me to do the same. I'd love to recieve more of those. Thanks and may God bless you.

Name: Crystal
Subject: Pure joy!
Letter: I just want to say, I love these greetings. They truly minister to my soul every time I send one. The people I send them to enjoy them greatly.

Name: Cheryl
Subject: Sharing Talent
Letter: So many times I've needed to say special things to special people and the words just wouldn't come no matter how hard I tried. Then I'd read your cards and, lo and behold, there would be a card that was saying all the things I was longing to say.

One that I especially identified with was called, "In Pain." I have severe arthritis and have other friends who suffer from chronic pain and what a blessing that card was. It offered hope, comfort, and encouragement. Please continue to think of all of us out here who need a word of blessing. Thank you for sharing your talent of words with me.

Name: J.
Subject: Dedicated Fan
Letter: I enjoy your e-cards so much. At my church we have a prayer group and I send a lot of these cards e-mail to them to pass on to others. There are many of them that help me too. I have many friends that I share these cards with. You are truly talented in your writing and the pictures and or drawings that are associated with the verses are just wonderful. Keep up the good work. I'm a dedicated fan of yours.

Name: K.
Subject: Change My Life
Letter: First, I want to say sorry if my English is not good. I just want to say thank you because of your support from PassionUP. The first time I received a PassionUp greeting from my online friend, I felt happy. I suddenly had the power to change my life. Now, I know that I have wings to fly. Thanks Bobette!

Name: R. L.
Subject: Wonderful Talent
Letter: You have a wonderful talent. Your cards are beautiful and inspiring. Many times you've brought tears to these old eyes--tears of joy and tears of love. I tell as many people as I can about PassionUp. Thank you for sharing your talents with the world!

Name: Louvie
Subject: True Admiration
Letter: I Guess this message is no longer new to you as you have probably received a thousand. Still i want to be one of the thousands who never fail to read and send your Absolutely, Incredible and Marvelous Cards.

You are Simply IMPECCABLE Miss Bobette. I wonder how you come up with all of the words you say in all your cards and where you find the soul to put so much in the lines that always touch the heart? How amazing to find a writer like you who can say exactly the way every heart beats. You must be a person with a lot of LOVE to give. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. May God continue to shower you with all the inspiration and may the Lord Bless you and your family always! Your Forever Admirer, Louvie.

Name: lilly grace
Subject: Admire your writing
Letter: I would like to always remember you as Bobette of my dreamworld.

I just opened my mail and got this reminder from passionup and especially I like to browse through your greetings section where I read your inspirational, love, and friendship cards which are very touching and emotional and sometimes make me cry. Really I don't know about others, but you really deserve something better than bravo or some award or something to show to the world but this comes straight from the heart. You really are doing one great job and hope you keep on doing this good work with best wishes always from your admirer...

B = Brains


Name: G.
Subject: Read My Mind
Letter: No matter my personal mood, nor the thought I wish to share, I can always find one of your cards that eloquently articulates my desired message. It's almost as if you read my mind, know the feelings and emotions I want to express, know the individual, personally to whom I wish to send a card then design the card especially for me for that specific occasion. I thank you and appreciate your artistic endeavor. Keep up the great work.

Name: Cat
Subject: Thanks
Letter: I just wanted to thank you for the cards that you create. All of my family lives far away and so I love to send PassionUp greetings to them and my friend to let them know that I'm thinking about them. And when they're down, I can always cheer them with PassionUp's cards. Thank you.

Name: Robin
Subject: Special Person
Letter: Some months ago, following a divorce, I sought new female friends. The intention was, and still is, only to find that one 'special' person. Love is a special gift, and when found one has to work hard to maintain those emotions. PassionUp has contributed, via its Greeting Cards, in a substantial way, in helping me to pursue a friendship with a lovely lady in the USA. The tender and loving vibrations that flow from the cards, are without equal, and deserve my respect and admiration.

Name: Josephine
Subject: Husband's Death
Letter: My husband of 25 years died suddenly this past July 10. Needless to say, I was devastated, since he had not been ill and was in the best health he had been in for years. It was just his time. God needed him for something.

Someone on my email list sent me a PassionUp greeting about a Guardian Angel watching our every move. That was a terrific consolation to me.

Now, when I am feeling down or troubled, I just pull up something on PassionUp and my spirits are lifted immediately. I usually have a really good cry while I am reading, but I always feel better afterward.

Thank you for a wonderful site. Keep up the love and beauty and inspiration.

Name: S.
Subject: Inspire Me
Letter: I just wanted to let you to know that your poems inspire me and they pick me up when I am down. I am a single parent and it can be hard sometimes dealing with the stress of daily life; however, your poems inspire me and make me feel I can touch the sky.

Name: J. W.
Subject: Inspire Me
Letter: Thank your for the wonderful gift of PassionUp cards. They are indeed very touching. They have rekindled the faith I have in life's delicate treasures...friendship, love, caring and sharing. They have meant a lot to those special persons in my life I have shared them with.

Name: Patricia
Subject: Enjoy Your Cards
Letter: I sure enjoy the cards you've created. I have very dear friends out there that love the cards I choose for them. Thank you so much for creating them. Keep up the super job you do.

Name: Kirby
Subject: Forever
Letter: PassionUp is such a fantastic website and the newsletter is so cool. Before, when I sent emails to friends, they were very short and boring, and I had to wait until I had a real reason to write. But now I can just send a card to my friends and family for no reason. I can send it just to say I love them or that I miss them heaps. This is such a great idea and I hope this website lives on forever! Your Fan, Kirby.

Name: C. G.
Subject: Inspiration To All
Letter: I would like to tell you that your pages have helped me a great deal with some difficult times this year so far. My mother and mother-in-law passed away within two months of each other and it was a hard time for me.

I found that when I read your pages, I was filled with hope and love that I hadn't felt in a long time, and that was the most wonderful feeling in the world. For that I will always be grateful to you.

Thank you for the wonderful pages and for the new ones yet to be seen. You are an inspiration to all.

Name: H. V.
Subject: Absolutely Amazing
Letter: PassionUp is absolutely amazing. The artistic work, the words and expressions of your pages are outstanding. I have used passionup numerous times to send special cards to my family and friends. They love them, and I love picking out your special cards to send to them. Thank you for such lovely work. The finer things in life are beautiful and I have found them using

Name: C. W.
Subject: Wonderful Cards!
Letter: Your ecards are so beautifully written! I can always find the perfect card at your site, no matter what the occasion! I'm also glad that you have a lot of Christian cards to choose from. Thanks for sharing your wonderful gift!

Name: May
Subject: Dear Bobette
Letter: You don't know what I feel when I read your work. I feel that I'm a new person in every word, every phrase...

Really I want to thank you very much.

Name: B. N.
Subject: Uplifting
Letter: Your inspirational messages have been so uplifting to me. In September of 2000, I lost my husband of 33 years to cancer. He was only 58 years old and the love of my life. I have been going to a grievance support group and have gotten to know other people that have lost their spouses and also have a friend that works for another company who recently lost his spouse, and I e-mail these inspiring messages to them in hopes that it will brighten their day and lift their spirit. I always think that there could not be another message better than the first, but there always are. It seems like they keep getting better and better and hit so close to home. I really do like PassionUP. Thank You for your inspiring messages that help lift my spirit.

Name: Carmen
Subject: Wonderful
Letter: I would like to thank you for your wonderful cards. I live many miles away from my sister and mother. We send these cards to each other every day, and they always make me smile. Your Inspirational cards are the best that I've found. I send them to my friends and family. I am glad to know that I can find a card that is just right for the situation. Thanks Again for the beautiful cards.

Name: Tom
Subject: PERFECT!
Letter: You really have an awesome talent. PassionUp greetings are always my first choice when I want to send a very special and meaningful greeting. I would guess that you get your ideas for these greetings right from the heart. That's what I love best--sending greetings from my heart to theirs.

Name: Elaine
Subject: About PassionUp
Letter: I really and truly love PassionUp. When I don't get PassionsUp in my e-mail, I get very upset. I know they are not mailed out on some days. I try to share what I can with my online friends. Please keep up the good work.

Name: C. J.
Subject: Inspired by You
Letter: You have made the day for me and my co-workers. Our hearts and feelings must be on the same wave length.

Name: Mary
Subject: How I feel
Letter: I Just wanted you to know how much I love PassionUp. I have so much fun sending your wonderful cards to all my friends. My husband really likes it when I send him cards. I never have any trouble finding just the right card to send. It's so much easier then having to go to the store and spending an hour and still not finding what you want. Thank you again for making PassionUp, my only card center.

Name: Clara
Subject: Thank You
Letter: Thank you for all of the inspirational poems, letters, and cards. When I needed words to encourage or strenghthen me or just needed a smile, I knew I could go to PassionUp and be uplifted. Most of your work could have come from my heart though I couldn't write it myself. I will continue to pass on the inspiration that has been given to me. Thank you.

Name: T.
Subject: Your Cards
Letter: I just wanted to tell you how much of an inspiration your cards are for me and the people I send them too. They seem to know exacatly what to say and, how to say it. Great job, and keep up the good work. Thanks a million.

Name: V. Z.
Subject: Touching Lives
Letter: I can't pass up this chance to tell you how your greetings have helped me. I'm deeply in love with a man from another country and all we have right now is the computer in which to correspond. There are so many thoughts and feelings in my heart that I find hard to explain, and you seem to put them into words...almost as if you knew what I wanted to say. Thank you so much for sharing your designs with everyone. You are touching many lives.

Name: Susan
Subject: Speak from my heart
Letter: Sometimes when I open the pages sent to me in my newsletter, I am surprised at how well they express MY feelings toward someone. Often, every page I read applies to someone I care about. I find myself sending your pages to all of my online friends.

Just this morning, I opened my newsletter to find one that was so right... I HAD to send it on. It was like you had opened up my heart and written the words directly from there. "Beautiful Love" was the name of the poem, and it spoke for me. I have found a man online who makes my heart go pitter patter every time we speak. We plan to meet soon, too. I think he is "the one" for me... and your pages say it all so well. Thank you.

Name: Kathy S.
Subject: Meaningful Cards
Letter: Dear Bobette, The cards that you design are soooo meaningful and beautiful. Sometimes I find one that says exactly what is on my mind! I almost feel like you are reading my heart at that very moment! May I take this time to say, "Thank you," for reading my heart so perfectly. Loved ones, family and friends a like have also enjoyed their beauty. With Much Appreciation. Kathy.

Name: Snow
Subject: What's wrong?
Letter: Don't ever feel alone or ignored by us we love you very much we are just too busy sending cards and we haven't let you know how much you mean to us and how you have touched our lives so here's a big HUG for you, Bobette and thank you more than words can ever say.

Name: Gloria
Subject: Appreciation
Letter: Hi Bob I sincerely, thank God for you. May He increase and grant you more insight and inspiration to touch and change more lives. Perfect peace!

Name: Joanne
Subject: Thank You for your inspiration
Letter: Just a sincere note of thanks from a I just wanted to tell you how your e-mails have been so inspirational to me especially over the past few months. They are a window of sunshine in my life, and I share them with many of my friends. The cards are such a pick me up to begin a day, especially during times of trouble. You are a great person to have started this wonderful sight and are due a great deal of Thanks.

Name: L. G.
Subject: Praying for You!
Letter: May God bless you always. You're doing the great work on an angel. Your cards have repaired a broken relationship. Thank you. I'm praying for you.

Name: N. G.
Subject: Ever Grateful
Letter: My husband was ill with cancer for a year. During this time, I searched for angel cards and sent them to the family around the country. They, in turn, sent me cards of hope, inspiration, love, friendship, faith, enduring, and caring. How much they meant to me. Christmas was especially special with the beautiful PassionUp cards.

At the end, my hysband saw angels two times. He was blessed to have had a glimpse of heaven before he passed away.

Thank you for the wonderful verses. I'm ever grateful.

Name: Doti
Subject: Comments for Bobette
Letter: My introduction to your inspirational and lovely cards was through a friend in Holland. My first greeting was entitled "Spring Cleaning". I was so intrigued by this particular card, I shared it with several friends and relatives via e-mail and stored it in "My Favorites" for future viewing.

Your talent has enabled me to address "special occasions" for "special people" in an extraordinary and delightful way and I am most appreciative to you and PassionUp for providing this internet feature.

Being a "fellow poet", I can doubly appreciate your God-given talent. Caring is sharing and viewers can, through Bobette Greetings, express themselves to others in a very meaningful and personal way.

I wish for you, Bobette, continued success in your chosen profession. May you continue to touch many lives with your talent.

Name: Norman
Subject: Love life
Letter: I'm 72 years old, and I had all but given up, but you, and you alone have given me a zest for life. There isn't a day that goes by, that I don't envy you, and your God given talent. Your absolutely the best. I will love your work for all time, and that you can take to the bank. You are inspirational.

Name: Angela
Subject: Long Distance Love
Letter: I love all of your writings. They are so heartfelt. The man I love is in New York and I am in Arkansas. The distance is so hard, but I must say love shows so many ways of coping. I love getting your love letters in my email because, as a writer myself, they help keep the love and passion alive and surviving the distance between us. The little notes of just saying I love you and I care add so much when I just want him to know that I'm still with him or that my heart is still in his hands.

Name: M. D.
Subject: Card
Letter: I love your cards. They are so special in a sea of mediocre. Thanks.

Name: Shorty
Subject: The Right Place
Letter:PassionUp has helped me stay strong. The cards always come when I need something to smile about. I love to send them to my friends, because I know the cards can be as much help to them as they are to me. I just want to thank you for writing them. Keep up the good work. May god bless you. Your heart is in the right place.

Subject:Getting Married
Letter: E-mail: I met a woman named Teresa in a chatroom, and we started to send each other funpages from PassionUp. Well, soon we started sending each other love pages, and now we've fallen in love. I would like to announce that we are getting married in October. Thank you for helping me find my dream girl.