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Cherry Blossom Wallpaper...

I'm sending you this
beautiful cherry blossom wallpaper
with a wish for
much happiness
beneath the sun!

You can save it to your hard drive
and use it as a Window's Wallpaper.
Please read the instructions below and

Click here for your wallpaper.

(You will not see the whole image
until it's on your computer.)

Wishing you a
beautiful Spring!


To use the background image on this page as a Windows wallpaper, follow these simple steps:

1. Right click on the background of this page and click "Set as wallpaper." Your new Windows wallpaper will immediately appear on your screen.

To Remove the Wallpaper:

1. Click on Start at the bottom left of your browser. Go to Settings, then to Control Panel, then click on Display. Click on the Background tab. Select a different background or select "NONE" and then click apply.

Notice: This image is for your personal use as a Windows wallpaper only! It's not for commercial use or for distribution in any graphic collection, webpage, or in any other manner.

This wallpaper is for an 800x600 browser setting.

Image: by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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